11 Temmuz 2011 Pazartesi

İTALYA 2011-07

İTALYA'da başka bir AGH Projesi

• Contact person: Vittoria Poli
• Coordinating organisation: ALCE NERO
• Host: Comune di Mantova: http://www.santagnese10.it/
• Location: Mantova, Italy
• Deadline: 31/07/2011
• Start: 09/01/2012
• End: 08/10/2012

The hosting project is in the field of youth policies and culture. EVS main activities are related to the Youth Policies Department and some to the Culture Department and Welfare.
Volunteer will mainly work (80 %) in Santagnese10, a new space for young people, with an information desk and a place where to develop social policies by promoting volunteering, cultural policies supporting youth creativity, training and occupability actions through formal and informal education activities, and start-up of young enterprises At the Culture Department (20%) volunteer can help with the dissemination of information about cultural activities and tourism.

- updating of the web site of the Municipality (Welfare and youth policies/Culture departments) and of various projects, including translations and managing of connected social networks (youtube, facebook, twitter and more); - backing the staff of Santagnese10 carrying out the activities linked to the creation of promotional materials, programmes, leaflets, etc. and secretariat tasks; - collaborating with the publication of the newsletter - assisting users investigating about jobs researches, training and volunteering - helping in archiving documentary materials (paper, sound photo and video materials) connected with cultural events organised and participating in the disseminations steps.

Volunteers are selected on the basis of a relevant presentation form that allows us getting a more precise idea about the applicants, as well as through a phone call following a first screening. Selection is made according to their interest towards the project, willingness, reliability and motivation shown. Useful elements are considered: - evident concern for the specific project (in particular for promotion of culture and youth policies); - open mindedness and motivation to work in the field of events organization - initiative and autonomy - fair level of Italian, due to the specific characteristics of the activities to be implemented Finally we take into account the professionalism and accessibility shown by the sending organisation when presenting volunteers or on the basis of past collaborations, as well as the support and training they ensure before departure.

Cadidates should send the form they can download from below (library section) to vittoria.poli@ilsegnoonlus.it by the end of July. In the first week of August we will make a preselection of 10 possible candidates whose profile matches with the project requirements. Only those 10 candidates will be contacted within the 6th of August for a skype/phone interview. We're going to apply for 1st September deadline

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