11 Temmuz 2011 Pazartesi

İTALYA 2011-06

15 Temmuz’a kadar başvuru yapmanız gereken 10 aylık İtalya’da AGH projesinin tüm detayları aşağıda yer almaktadır.

Dear volunteer,

LEGAMBIENTE CIRCOLO DI PRATO is now looking for 2 volunteers for 1st September 2011 deadline for the following EVS project:

2010-IT-56 - Legambiente circolo di Prato
Activity start: 6/01/2012 – activity end: 6/10/2012
Length: 10 months

You can read more about the project on the EU-database
The volunteer will be involved in several activities and in particular in the following actions:
• Organisation of international work camps
• Work with children and young people
• Project “Even us on horses” realised in collaboration with other skilled organizations (like associations working in the item of mental diseases).
• Work in hostel in natural reserve aquerino - cantagallo
• Linguistic TANDEM
If you are interested to participate in this EVS project, please send an e-mail with letter of motivation, CV and a photo to: evs@legambienteprato.it
Please also remember to mention contacts of your sending organisation: e-mail, telephon number, website!

Only applications received before the 15th july 2011 will be considered!
Best regards
Franco di Martino

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