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İTALYA 2011-05

Merhaba Grup,

Roma’da 15 Kasım 2011’de başlayacak ve 15 Haziran 2012’de bitecek olan AGH projesinde yer almak istiyorsanız CV ve Motivasyon Mektubunuzla sve@gondwanasud.org mail adresine başvurularınızı yapınız. (31 Temmuz 2011 son gün!)

Bol şans!

Dear all,

Gondwana has recently been acrreditated as Coordinating Organization within EVS, and will coordinate 10 hosting projects. We now need to recuit three volunteers for a project in Rome "Opera N azionale per “Città dei Ragazzi" that will start hosting EVS volunteers in the next period.

We are happy to announce the opening of the selections for 3 EVS positions in the hosting project 2011-IT-79, in Rome.

“Opera Nazionale per la città dei Ragazzi” is a network of services and projects with a social and welfare character in the city of Rome. It manages projects and social services - residential care in community for disadvantaged children in conditions of severe social problems, psychological and economic. The projects and services aim to consolidate the best levels of social integration, growth and developement of its beneficiaries in a balanced relationship with the land and with context. Under the trading of its services for children, the Opera Nazionale per la città dei Ragazzi, continuously carries out socialisation and recreational activities, laboratories, and educational workshops, designed to pursue the institutional goal of the services themselves, which is the achievement of the highest level of social integration of its beneficiaries.These activities are coordinated and managed by the team and volunteers of the two cities, with three supervisors skilled as required by the existing national and regional legislation for the authorization of the operation services, as well as a 2framework” coordination team, with transversal project design function and high levelsocio psycho pedagogical skills, participate, 19 professional educators, a social worker, a psychologist, a guidance counselor and the coordinator of the educational project. This team has high expertise and volunteer management training and socializing oriented approach to social inclusion of the protagonists.

The socialization activities, educational and recreational for the benefit of the guests will be of various kinds: sport activities, cultural workshops and participation in formal and informal groups will be accompanied by support to the learning path through internships and more. The implementation of socialization activities are in fact directed to the psycho-emotional inclusion of characters and participants.Opera Nazionale per le Città dei Ragazzi offers this type of development projects as it is the first to volunteer to improve the educational capacity following a logic of learning where bilateral activities and roles do not replace people on the spot, but side by side in parallel and continuous support.It is this effective action of subrogation of the social activities that supports but do not replace the combination of educational interventions, the project aims to implement and realize in order to offer volunteers the opportunities for growth involving their ability to exploit their talents. In fact, it requires not only to a passive contribution, but creative actions ideational though development of personal programs in order to involve the active aspects of the person and not just the skills identified in a greater reliability in the field of 'children assistance linked to the design of educational intervention, assistance and animation.Volunteers will participate in some of the activities of the project, offering their assistance to support staff in a coordinated and gradual manner, without replacing services, according to a principle of proportionality between entry competencies, the skills acquired during the year and skills develope

For those interested, visit the project at http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=42000905288

When: From 2011 November 15th to 2012 June 15th
Where: in Rome,
How to apply: Send CV and Motivation Letter to: sve@gondwanasud.org before July 31st

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