21 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

ALMANYA 2011-09

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Germany
Contact person: Doris Hofer
Organisation: aha Tipps Infos für junge Leute

Location: Meckenbeuren, Germany
Deadline: 01/02/2012
Start: 01/05/2012
End: 30/04/2013

The St. Gallus - Hilfe für behinderte Menschen works with youngsters with disability. Among others, the St. Gallus - Hilfe has resident groups, a school for youngsters with learning disabilities and a free-time activities programm for disabled youngsters and children who live with their parents. For a close description find the vacancy in the database under the EI Nr. 2010-DE-229.Applicants should be aware that the project takes place in a rural environment, the connection to public transport is sometimes difficult.

The volunteer will mostly be involved in the free-time activities programm and offer activities for disabled children and youngsters. He/she will also work in a residential group.

Only application sent to doris@aha-ravensburg.de will be considered. They must contain a CV and a motivation letter specific for the St. Gallus - Hilfe. The St. Gallus - Hilfe would like to host volunteers with no previous education in the field of Social work to give youngsters the opportunity to try themselves in this field. At the moment we are hosting a Turkish volunteer, to have a cultural variety we would like to host a volunteer with a different cultural background.

The tutor of the St. Gallus - Hilfe will select a new volunteer. All applications should reach the aha by December 15th, all applicants will be notified of our decision.

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