21 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

SLOVENYA 2011 - 06

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Slovenia
Contact person: Matjaž Vouk
Coordinating organisation: Zavod O
Host: Center for Social Work Škofja Loka - Daily Care Center DCΩ: http://www.csd-skofjaloka.si/
Location: Škofja Loka, Slovenia
Deadline: 20/11/2011
Start: 01/12/2011
End: 01/10/2012

The Daily Care Center DCΩ is part of a governmental institution that units all the departments of Social Work under one roof. The target groups of DCΩ are children and youth at the age from 6 until 15 years and their families. The Daily Care Center is considered as an offer of preventive Social work that supports children from different family backgrounds. Under the maxim “DCΩ, my second home” it gives them a place, where they feel comfortable and safe. In that environment they can develop personal and social skills and get support considering behavioral, emotional, learning and other difficulties. Special programs and the possibility of support and assistance also include the parents into the work of the Daily Care Center.Children and Youths can come to the Center in between 13:00 and 19:00 to spend their free time together, to do homework, to use the computer or to join certain activities. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we offer different workshops that are organized by volunteers and the two employers, who work in the Daily Care Center. During the school holidays there is a special program with activities like swimming, ice-skating, climbing, hiking or trips to some interesting places. Between 3 and 20 children join the daily activities of DCΩ.

The activities for European volunteers can be various: - Organizing the daily routine - Realizing workshops according to his/her interests (cooking, sports, games, handicrafts, outdoor activities, cultural program…) - Individual lessons with the children (helping with homework, practicing English, conversation, playing games) - Realizing his/her own long-term projects - Supporting the coordination and program for the volunteers who work in Social Center - Planning and organization of holiday activities - Getting to know the other departments of Social Center - Getting to know the partners of Daily Care Center - Installing a regular cooperation with other organizations (for example Atelje Clobb) - Organizing an “open-door day” for parents, children and partner of the organization Volunteers are also welcome to realize projects outside of Social Center in cooperation with other local institutions and with the three European volunteers that will work in the structure of zavod o (www.zavodo.org, www.ostriga.org, www.pulsar.si, www.ateljeclobb.org). The time schedule is very flexible and can be arranged according to the Volunteers wishes and activities. On the other hand the working week is well structured through regular meetings with Vesna Žibert, the responsible Social Worker in the Daily Care Center.

We accept applications (CV and motivation letter) under international@zavodo.org until 20.11.2011.

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