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Dialogue between generation about ecological culture

We want to introduce a European dimension of the partnership between community youth and older generation by creating a bridge of dialogue between generations to create a green culture and environment. Along with four volunteers in the European Year of Volunteering will encourage active participation of people to participate in activities on the approximation of generations to create a cosy place for a happy life. Together with the executive and the institutions will establish adequate policies, subject to European values ​​and objectives of social cohesion, solidarity and active participation - turning values ​​intoaction. Through the participation of volunteers will promote intercultural skills and increase the capacity of the organization to use the European experience in forming policies for conservation and creating a place for a happy life. Will build on experience through "learning by doing" to ensure continuity between generations and preserve the virtues - sympathy, love, morality, friendship and respect. With the support of volunteers will form different views and breaking stereotypes of working with youth in the formation of ecological culture. We will work on the relationship of young people in understanding and accepting differences in their behaviours, lifestyle and achieve an attitude of respect for the choices of others, culture, traditions, religion. Partnership will create and implement best practices of informal education and education in promoting active citizenship, helping to promote understanding between young people in Sliven. Youth and volunteers will initiate shares campaigns and cultural events - promoting the European Year of Volunteering, organized by youth for youth, reflecting intercultural dialogue to defend the positive processes of different generations in the preservation of the world. We will create tolerance in diversity of cultures as a tool for acquiring knowledge and skills and promoting cooperation for the project objectives. Volunteers with the Youth Council and youth leaders and young people in the region will apply the principles of cooperation in the process of making and approval of policy for the conservation of nature. Project aims to consolidate the different generations living in the municipality of Sliven region of influence and implement actions affirming models of ecological culture in the conservation of nature andculture. The project will promote best practices and with volunteers will assist small municipalities in the region - Kotel, Nova Zagora and Tvarditsa, Shivachevo and the creation of creative space and youth cooperation in the conservation of the world.
- Period of orientation, adaptation and integration with the active support of the team and mentor young people from the local community; - Participate in training workshops - language skills, teamwork, development of ideas for activities; - Introduction to institutions and companies working on environmental protection;
- Networking and learning about various clubs, discussing ideas and involvement in campaigns; - Planning and preparation activities, initiatives, public events, campaigns to achieve objectives; - Create a photo archive for the project and EVS;
- Participate in planned activities and active communication these are: - Planning the annual program of activities and initiatives in the local community and young people about conservation and creating a comfortable place to live (an opportunity for direct contact with the local youth community, the development of creative, communication and organizational skills); - Active communication withØ institutions and partners involved in activities; - Identification of target groupsØ for project work - meetings, focus groups, awareness purposes Project - Carrying out activities to promote the project and planned initiatives and activities; - Preparation of promotional material promoting the achievements and encouraging community service for the protection of the world; - Create an archive of materials from the results of the project and making public the Sliven region;- Planning of further activities for realizing the benefits of EVS; - Assessment, analysis and reporting of voluntary service; - Participation in the creation of Youthpass - (ability to self-assessment and analysis of their own achievements and experience) The role of volunteers is fully supporting the activities of the organization and involvement in teams that work on preparation and implementation of planned activities, evaluation, compilation and dissemination of results.
Working Day of Volunteers: 9:00 to 10:00 pm - Briefing - team meeting reporting and allocation of tasks, what we are; 10.00 - 12.00. Open-room visits in schools with children and young people from different ethnic groups and youth organizations and institutions - presentations, discussions, focus groups, seeking support and solutions to youth initiatives and cultural events and more. 12:00 to 13:30 pm - Lunch; 13:30 to 15:00 pm - Work on the above tasks with the Youth Parliament, MRL and young volunteers - planning, organizing youth activities, initiatives, campaigns, lobbying for a clean environment for meaningful leisure young; 15.00-6.00ch. - Support the team in search of partners from the EU and using language, Bulgarian language / 16:00 to 19:00 - Free time - informal communication with staff and youth community; 19:00 - ... .. Dinner and free time Weekends: Tours in Nature partnership "Blue Ridge" with young people and working team, sports, visits to families and young team, travels to others towns and villages, but visits to cultural monuments.During the holidays - volunteers can travel around Bulgaria and Balkan area.If during your volunteer period volunteers will be intercepted by another volunteer accepted, they will work together, dividing their tasks, increasing the contribution of the planned project activities

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