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Komlostetoi Kerekparos Sport Klub (KKSK)

Location Miskolc (Hungary)
Theme 1 Art and culture
Theme 2 Education through sport and outdoor activities

Project environment
The project takes place in Miskolc, the third biggest city in Hungary approximatelly 200 km from the capital city (Budapest), close to the Slovakian border. Miskolc is a mooving city with a lot of young people and students. Miskolc is the third most populated town of Hungary. Besides, it is the administrative, economic, educational and scientific center of the North Hungarian region, and also the capital of Borsod-AbaAsj-ZemplA©n county. There is more than 20 High Schol and a University here.
The main touristic attraction, the cave bath and spa in Miskolc-Tapolca is a unique natural formation in Europe as well.The favourable concentration of the minerals in the thermal water, the healing air of the cave, and the significant innovations of our days made the cave a complex home for leisure and healing.
The Factory Sport Arena is in the middle of an old steel factory.

In the past Miskolc, developed into an industrial centre. Development reached its highest point in the 1980s, when the metal factory had more than 18,000 workers and production was over one million tons per year. The population hit all-time record (over 200,000 inhabitants), ? of the working people worked in heavy industry. The economical recession after the end of the Socialist era hit the industrial cities of Northern Hungary the hardest, the unemployment rate rose until it became one of the highest in the country, the population of Miskolc dramatically decreased and all this big industrial area became useless, lost functional and empty.
The Factory Sport Arena took place in one of these big industrial building, which is a national monument as well.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers

Our organisation's main aim and motivation is to bring in a new element of the contact with a European culture. We wish to create new partnerships with a positive
influence on the local community. We intend to prepare enough space for volunteer's new ideas and experience.

A volunteer can:
" learn to create programmes, cultural events, concert, exhebitions etc. in Factory ArA©na
" learn different and new methods and ideas
" learn to work in a team
" communicate and change experience with volunteers from our organization

Volunteer's task:
Factory ArA©na 50%
A volunteer will especially work in the Factory ArA©na. He/she will cooperate with internal and external workers. We emphasize that Arena is opened from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 8 pm.
" oversight - administration, borrowing materials and table games, selling refreshment, communication with youth, hostes atctivities, promotion, ...
" in the Factory - creation and preparation of activities for youth, organization and realization of activity at the time of oversight (tournaments, competitions, Partys, gigs, exhibitons, etc.,)
" outside of the Factory - exchange actions with surrounding assosiations, trips, weekend stays, (creation, preparation, organization and realization)

Language education 15%
A volunteer will learn hungarian language during the week (for example three times a week two lessons). Some internal workers are teachers of hungarian language.

Summer camp for youth 10%
" help, preparation, organization and realization programmes

Sports actions 10%
" help, preparation, organization and realization sports tournaments, extreme sport events, regional tournaments
Creation of the own project 5%
" the volunteer will create the own project, all workers of Factory ArA©na will help him/her
" the volunteer can participate some seminars or schooling for inspiration of his/her own project

Organized modern art events 10%
We prepare, organize and realize programmes to promote youngster's modern art creations such as exhebitions, art works, graffity compatitions, fabric, street art etc. He/she will help to prepare, organize, realize and evaluate programmes.
We also organize various programmes for public eventes as well in the city like: Critical Mass, Chellenege day, Miskolc Day, Factory Festival etc.
We emphasize that working hours of the volunteer will be flexible.
Next the volunteers can participate in the following activities:
" Maintenance of Factory ArA©na official: publishing pictures, articles, reports in English as well.
" Promotion and grafic compilation of data
" Help with preparation and organisation of actions, summer camps, etc.
" Help with preparation and organisation of spontaneous and occasional actions
(for school, public)
The volunteers can bring their own ideas for activities and can use their own skills at work.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process
We don't have any special requirement, just someone who likes music and extreme sport (inline, skateboard, BMX, climbing) with a lot of motivation and energy that they can share with the team, other volunteers and young people of course or someone who likes organizing or good at computers, web site design etc.
Basic english required!
The number of volunteers hosted:4

Risk prevention, protection and safety

We hire a flat for volunteers near to the Factory Arena we have insurance for both the flat and the volunteers living there. When the volunteers arrive here we show all the places they will work and we give all the necessary information on safety rules. During the first period of their service they can only work under the supervision of the employee of the foundation.
We host only volunteers at the age of 18-30

Motivation and EVS experience
Our aim is to maintain healthy (physically and mentally) young population in the region through sport and cultural activities such as sport competitions, musical workshops, concerts, party, modern art exhibitions etc. During our projects, we are frequently looking out for young people from bad social background ( drugs, poverty, family defect etc. ) to improve their compatibility in the everyday life.
We always work together a lot with our local volunteer team. They help us a lot to plan and carry out different events. The focus of our projects is the advancement of the EVS volunteers' social and personal development through acquiring diverse skills, knowledge and competences. We consider these accomplishments as essential for a professional orientation in a European scope.Receive a volunteer is an opportunity to have another point of view of someone with another culture and idea. In this way, we can share the same motivation. Work with different people can only be an advantage for both of us.

Description of the organisation
The KKSK is a non -profit organization since 1996. Our aim is to maintain healthy young population with sport and other cultural activities to prevent the new front era from social problems (such as drugs, lack of motivation etc.) in the city and the surroundings. At the beginning we were just supporting riders and bikers in the city, we had built a bike park in one part of the city. It is more than 5000 sM. Since 2006, we have moved into a 4200 sM old industrial building in the heart of an old steel Factory in Miskolc. We started to use this as our office and base and name it as Factory Sport Arena.

Since than, the Arena become the central of the extreme sport and underground culture in Miskolc and the East - Hungary with a lot of multifunctional places such as skate park, climbing centre, recording studio, rehearsal rooms, music club, music workshops etc. From another side, importance of our activities is that we can give a new function to these big and empty industrial area, moreover it gives a special atmosphere to our projects.

The KKSK is an absolutely active association, we organize : climbing competitions for climbers everywhere from the country but sometimes foreign competitors come too, This arena was the first covered skate park in the region. a new musical workshop has been established last year, contains several isolated rehersal rooms for bands and a demo studio.There is also a concert hall placed in the basement of the industrial coliseum, where gigs and live performances can take place every weekend, for up to 300-400 people. Good atmosphere, extreme enviroment with great acoustic.

We work only with young volunteers. These different activities can make people more helpful with each other and it permits to give one place for the young people where they can share the same passion instead of doing nothing on the street. The Factory Arena is a good alternative to help them.
The young people also take part in the system and help for the construction and the improvement of the KKSK so they are realy motivated to make this place better. We try to do that together.

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