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Project environment

Youth House Sliven is created to support the aspirations of young people from Sliven region to meet the diverse interests of the youth community to exchange information, expand network of contacts in a variety of interests and problems, skills and opportunities for participation and cooperation by:
- Municipal, national, European and other programs, areas of social prevention, leisure and social - cultural activities, promoting employment, educational policy, providing opportunities, informal education, social policy and health protection, ecology .
- Assists talented young people in Sliven.
- Prevention healthy lifestyle.
- Stimulates active participation of the youth community of Sliven in the democratic process and civic participation in society.
- Preserve and develop cultural - historical heritage and promote traditions and values.
- Developing a youth initiative in socially useful activities.
During the stay volunteers will be accommodated in Sliven and small town near Sliven . They will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural and historical places the city and region. Will have a place for recreation and sport activities.We has office, where will be held at most of the volunteer work program. The office is located in the city center and is well equipped , a good spot and is visited daily by young people. The volunteers will have the Eurodesk point.
The Social environment in which will live volunteers are a dynamic and friendly young people. The activities of the Youth House in the service of young people and local communities. The team has experience in meeting the volunteers and support and actively participate in all aspects of the volunteer's stay - from preparation to implementation.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers

Project activities are fully in support and enrich our organization and team. The activities would help to realize the very activities for promotion and recognition of volunteer work. The volunteers will have freedom to select their interests to initiate and implement their own ideas.The team will look at them as people directly involved in the working process of the organization and volunteers willing to work together with Bulgarian youth, sharing experiences and experience as a youth creativity, solidarity, tolerance and diversity . Opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and experience are associated with activities that will be included in the volunteer work program, namely:
- The volunteers will be familiar with Bulgarian NGOs working in the field of youth, and with organizations in Europe to liaise with local authorities, partner organizations and other institutions working with young people in Sliven district;
- Participation in youth activities, programs and projects aimed youth for community leisure and informal education in Sliven region;
- Development of design information and publicity material supporting the activities of the Youth House and MIKC- Sliven, implementing volunteer's ideas and his experience;
- Participate in team meetings to prepare youth initiatives, programs and projects (volunteers will have the opportunity to acquire skills in team work and actively participate in decision making), if the volunteer is active and willing to assume all obligations and responsible for preparing the activities of the Youth House : festivals concerts, youth parties, sports festival, picnic, or otherwise;
- Active communication with the participants in the activities of the Youth Centre and the youth community of Sliven region - internet, telephone, free time . The volunteer will improve linguistic and communicative abilities;
- Participation in preparation of the place in the Youth House - Sliven, and other youth organizations in the region of Sliven (Participation in a local community and local administration, development of organizational skills);
- Review and analysis of voluntary service and planning follow-up to realize the benefits of EVS.
The role of volunteers in the host organization is fully in support of its activities, as well as inclusion in the team who worked on the preparation and implementation of programs. All participants in this team work on a voluntary basis.We'll involve young people in the country and the region who have experience in the implementation of activities from previous years. This will help the volunteer to "learn by moving" with people on the same age. There will be a support team in the Youth House. The volunteer will be able to propose and implement their ideas and experience of each stage in the preparation and implementation of youth activities.
Volunteer activities will be tailored to the specific project aimed solely at the realization of skills for informal education and meaningful youth policy - participation in training, organization, implementation and evaluation of actions. Teamwork and cooperation with partners realization specific activities. Volunteer will be able to realize and experience in the field youth and freedom for the realization of ideas.
Please give examples of typical activities that will offer volunteer.
- Activities with Youth and Youth Parliament of Sliven - working sessions of parliament and implementation of youth initiatives, campaigns - environmental, volunteering with children and youth from social homes and homes for children working on the street;
- International days of youth activity, the International Day of Youth, Anti-AIDS campaigns, days of youth,tolerance etc. .;
- Youth discussions, debates, conferences;
- Cultural events for the youth community - concerts, youth festivals, meetings, etc.;
- Information campaigns about the European Union and "Youth in Action" programs and EVS.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process

The main criteria for selection of volunteers will be their motivation and desire to participate in the preparation and implementation of activities related to leisure for young people and their formal education, tolerance for diversity and their desire to actively participate in positive change in the region and Europe We will make selection without discrimination and equality among young people, regardless of gender, education, religion and experience.
Youth House - Sliven has extensive experience working with volunteers (not just the EVS, but in general) from different countries. Many participants in the activities of the Youth House stated its willingness to participate in EVS, even our partners realized youth exchanges are keen to return to Bulgaria as a volunteer under the "Youth in Action 2007 - 2013." This implies a rapid adaptation to their environment.
Will be attracted young people who have participated so far in the implementation of youth initiatives and programs.It will be for them a new experience and opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in an informal environment.
Most of of the sending organizations are our long term partners and recognize the activities. This will further assist the selection process of volunteers. We believe that our partners will promote opportunities for voluntary service in Bulgaria in their countries and will be actively involved throughout the process.
How will you ensure open, transparent and equal access of candidates for EVS and how it will conduct the selection process for volunteers?
We will make selection without discrimination and equality among young people, regardless of gender, education, religion and previous experience. In the selection we will see the qualities and skills that they have and their relevance to the objectives, tasks and activities that we plan to accomplish the project. In the end we will see the expectations of the volunteer project and future plans for education, development and realization. The volunteers willing to participate after the selection procedure will be notified of the results of our choices by email .
What kind of sending organizations want to partner?
All this is possible in partnership with the sending organization to realize the procedure of selection of volunteers, which includes: identifying partner organizations to offer us suitable volunteers, precise criteria for selection of appropriate volunteers discuss the applications of organizations and determine the Volunteers team up with our regular volunteers. After completion of the selection we will realize all the feedback sending organizations, informing them of the outcome of selection. The volunteers will participate in the Training and they will know more about our country and our region.

Number of volunteers hosted

We are able to work together with many volunteers on various projects at different sites in region of Sliven.We have good partnerships with local authorities and institutions working with young people and young people from different homes. We want to send about 20 long-term volunteers and about 40 short-term volunteers.
As organizations with experience working with volunteers and EVS, we and our partner organizations attach great importance to the preparation of volunteers. We will make Agreement with their sending organizations that will support young people and promote their inclusion in a seminar for pre-departure training, organized by National agency of the sending country. Before arriving in Bulgaria, EVS volunteers from partner countries will receive the necessary training and support from our organization. They will be familiar with "Youth in Action" program, EVS Charter and the European Voluntary Service. The sending organizations will make registration and enrollment in the insurance plan provided for EVS volunteers and will provide technical assistance in issuing visas for Bulgaria and the purchase of tickets for the trip to Sliven. To proceed effectively prepare before departure of the volunteers we will maintain close contact with sending organizations and volunteers. They will send relevant information about the "first meeting" with Bulgaria and Sliven, as well as a dictionary with the most used words in Bulgarian. In this important project period will receive information about the conditions under which volunteers will be accommodated and food, the tasks of volunteer activities of the project and program per a days and will also discuss with them issues that will inevitably arise.Before the arrival of the volunteer in Sliven, at the beginning of volunteering they will participate in a short training associated with adaptation to their lifestyle in Bulgaria, the orientation of the local community and way of work and project. This training will prepare volunteers to participate in activities and help:
- to aknowledge and to integrate into the team - presentation of the team and mentor, presentation of volunteers, getting acquainted with the organization and operation, voluntary projects, setting expectations and concerns; introduction to Sliven - cultural, historical landmarks and turistic.
- Understanding the Bulgarian culture and traditions of their culture and characteristics of communication in Bulgaria;
- language learning, for learning Bulgarian language - commonly used words and phrases that will be useful in communication during their stay in the country;
- introduction and integration into the community - knowledge of local volunteers who participate in the preparation and activities with youth and youth organizations, meeting with our volunteers and others.
The process of adaptation will depend on the support of volunteers working in the Youth House. Particularly important for the implementation of the project and the support we get from our local volunteers who already have experience in organizing youth events, initiatives and campaigns.
At the beginning of their stay in Sliven, Bulgaria will conduct training and team work, during which you will develop a plan for the participation of volunteers in the preparation, implementation and promotion of the project. During the training the volunteer will have the opportunity to present their interests, skills and motivation.
For successful implementation of the project will contribute to the volunteer's participation in training for newly arrived volunteers, which will be held from NCEYPI team.
During the implementation the mentor of the project will provide continuous personal support and for effective implementation of tasks and administrative support will rely on volunteer coordinator, team and more experienced volunteers to our organization.
For technical and administration of the project envisages conducting workshops, during which we will comment on the conditions where you live, where they will be accommodated and what will work out rules for the operation and maintenance of hygiene in the home, and will coordinate between method of payment of pocket money, spending money on food, transportation, activities and more., plan and coordinate the work program will evaluate the performance of activities and plan the next stages.
In the process of adaptation and work will collaborate with the sending organization and the mentor together will support the volunteers and their development.
As a host organization, we will support and assistance for preparing, issuing and receipt of a Youthpass Sertificate which will describe and validate the experience of education.

Risk prevention, protection and safety

The project team will help easier adaptation of the volunteers taking into account their needs and desires. During your stay you will support them in all difficulties If it necessary, the mentor will be in solving the crisis will have an opportunity to share their problems and together will look for ways to overcome them in the interest of volunteers. We will make weekly meetings to attend and mentor so that together we can decide if there are problems. The project team will create the conditions for disclosure of potential volunteers, will create a cozy place to work with internet access and a computer to meet its tasks. It will work in teams and respecting the individual qualities of the volunteer. The volunteers will be able to live in housing near the workplace. She receive time and pocket money for food according to a signed agreement. Volunteer will meet with the working rules and regulations of the Youth House, structure of the implementation of commitments and reporting obligations. We will compliance the partnership agreement signed commitments for implementation of activities and support to ensure safety of the volunteer. We will understand the Statute of the European Voluntary Service.
We will communicate with sending organization every day, if an assistance is needed to prevent conflict situations. The volunteers will receive acknowledge for the country and cultural differences, travel assistance, visa and insurance of volunteers, providing training on arrival, interim and final evaluations.
The program provides voluntary work for young people 18 to 30 years and young people with special needs from 16 to 30 years.
We collaborated with the young ones with the support of a personal assistant and mentor who will exercise control, protection and safety in carrying out project activities.
Motivation and EVS experience
Youth House - Sliven works in "Youth in Action" programme from its beginning in Bulgaria. We have funded projects in the following areas: Youth Initiatives., Youth Exchanges and European Voluntary Service.
We are partners of youth organizations from all Europe on activities : Youth Democracy, Youth in the world, youth workers and Support for European cooperation. We are consulting many young people and youth organizations in the following areas: how to write projects, how to implement the funded projects and how to manage it.
By Youth in Action programme we have completed projects on Action 1 - multilateral youth exchanges, sending and hosting oganisation RI reference 2008-BG-26.
We have welcomed over 45 volunteers from the European Union, Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia. In the Youth House works Eurodesk point for the information in different areas. The information center gives advice to young people of Sliven. in the Youth house there are computers for young people.
We organise trainings in various programs.
We and other youth activities funded programs - Youth Activities Programme 2008 - 2010 of Ministry of Education and sport , National Program "MiIKC 2007 - 2010" and other donor programs and support youth initiatives and implement municipal strategy for working with young people.
Youth House - Sliven has experience in the implementation of European youth projects.
We have participated in over 20 youth exchanges in Bulgaria and different partnes organisations.
We had volunteers from different European countries who have worked on short and long term projects. We have worked with a volunteer from the Peace Corps too.
Description of the organisation
Youth House-Sliven is found as a specific municipality structure to suggest conditions for realizations of activities for young people from the municipality and the region with purposes:
- Stimulate the personality and the social realization and integration of the young people at the society;
Helps developing the interests and talents of youth professional, creative, cultural, social, spiritual and
other, in their free time;
- Realize municipal and regional programmes intended for young people;
- Realize municipal and regional programmes intended for young people;
- Helps and works for active cooperate for the realization of the national and municipal politics for young people;
- Widens the support of the society and raises the role and authority of young people in Bulgaria, without
regardless of their ideological, political or religious orientation;
- Youth House satisfy the different interests of the youth in the municipality, the Youth House organizes, realizes and cooperates in a following areas ;
1. Municipal programmes intended for Young people;
2. National programmes intended for the youth;
3. European programmes and other, intended for young people aAˆA“ youth exchanges (mobilities);
4. Youth House makes contracts, analyzes and distributes specific youth information in the young people of the municipality;
5. Works in direction of culture and art creation;
6. Direction of social prevantion;
7. Professional developing of the youth of the municipality, opportunities for work, education and qualification, small business, etc.
8. We are helping in youth work ;
9. Citizenship and health education of youth training of youth leaders, comunication skill, skills for negotiating, Peer Education ,humans rights, ecological education, drugaAˆA™s preventation, critical thinking etc;
10. Presenting of Bulgarian traditions and customs;
11. Creating condition and enviroment for doing free time of youth from the manincipality: fun ecology,sport,tourist and other activities.
For realization of activities, Youth House organizes:
1. Special service for youth information and consultation;
2. Clubs and Clubs on interests ;
3. Realization of artistic and public events in a local community , Sliven region and abroa
4. Clubs for profesional and artistic interests;
5. The activities relative with the interests of youth. Conferences, seminar, exchanges, concerts;
6. Initiatives for students in the Unuversity and other organizations, wich works for the youth.
Youth Centre has a team that has good experience working with young people and for international events and youth forums and implementation of youth projects. The team included the organization of youth workers, psychologists, trainers, coaches and volunteers who will actively participate in the process of adaptation of volunteers overcome problems and meet specific needs.

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