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ALMANYA 2012-14

Träger: Jugendaustauschwerk im Kreis Gütersloh e.V.

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_ Familienzentrum Verl
Droste-Haus, Schillingsweg 11, 33415 Verl

EVS in Verl, Germany
Telefon: 05246 29 73
Telefax: 05246 8 22 42

Contact Person:
Miriam Kettelhoit
Verl, 27.04.2012
Looking for a volunteer for the European Volunteer Service in Verl, Germany
EI-Nr.: 2011-DE-146
Title of Project: “Intercultural Work with Children and Youth”
Period: June 2012 – Decembre 2012 or January 2013 (depending on the starting date, in
total 7 months)
The hosting organisation
The organisation “Jugendaustauschwerk im Kreis Gütersloh e.V.” (JAW) is a place to go for the whole
family when searching for courses, leisure time activities for children or international youth meetings.
Each day, we welcome over 500 visitors in our house who are taking part in lessons like music,
sports, arts and much more.
As youth exchange organisation, we welcome about 400 young people from all over the world each
year. For one to three weeks, the youth groups are joining special programs in Verl and the local
region and living in host families in order to get to know the local people and culture.
Moreover, we are cooperating with the schools in Verl and organising the afternoon program for
pupils and students of primary and secondary schools. We are organizing interesting activities all the
The history of the Droste-Haus began with youth meeting work over 50 years ago. In the destroyed
Europe after World War II, the founders of our organisation achieved the meeting of young people
from different countries. Since this time, young persons from Europe and the Middle East travel to
Verl, spend their vacations in host families and meet German youths. The organisation is well-known
for the international work beyond the borders of Verl and stands for tolerance, respect and for an
inter-cultural worldview.
The location
The JAW is located in a small town called Verl. Verl is a strongly growing township with about 25.000
inhabitants. It is located between Gütersloh and Bielefeld in Ostwestfalen and is a strong business
location with big companies like Nobilia Kitchen, Miele and Bertelsmann. In Verl, two-thirds of
population are Catholics. Furthermore, there is an out-standing infrastructure: From the open air bath
to the small indoor swimming pool or the library there are many possibilities for reasonable
recreational activities.
The JAW is located two kilometres away from the center of Verl and has a big garden with many
possibilities for the work with youth and children.
The project
The project consists of four parts and tasks for the volunteer:
1. The volunteer will work in the family centre in helping in courses and programs for children
aged 1 to 3 years, 4 to 5 years and children courses. In the morning, the volunteers work in
the JAW from 08:45-11:45 h. They take care for childrens aged between 3 and 4 years.
2. The volunteer will be active in the schools in order to care for the afternoon program together
with a pedagogical expert. The children are aged between 6 to 10 years. The volunteers work
in the schools from 13:00 to 16:00 in the afternoon.
3. In school holidays, we offer special vacation programs for children aged between 6 and 12
years. Here, the volunteer will organize and care for the program in assistance and as
member of a volunteer team.
4. Each year, the JAW welcomes about different youth groups from Egypt, Switzerland, Israel,
Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, etc. For 1 to 3 weeks, the guests are living in host-families.
During daytime, we organize a special program for each group. In these activities, the
volunteer also will take part in.
The volunteer
We welcome EVS-volunteers and offer them an interesting employment since 1998. Because of the
manifold offers the volunteers are able arrange their main focus. From children to youth-work there is
a wide spectrum. It will never be boring here and everybody can take part in this work with its specific
abilities using his strengths.
We are looking for a volunteer,
- Aged between 18 and 25 years;
- motivated and interested in working with children and youth;
- motivated and interested in working with people from different ages;
- advantageous being able to speak German on intermediate level (at least willing to learn
German very fast);
- willing to live in a host family;
- able to drive by bicycle or willing to learn it before starting EVS.
We are offering:
- an interesting volunteer service in different fields of action, according to the interests and
strength of the volunteer;
- accommodation in a host-family with a social network directly from the start of the volunteer
- health insurance;
- language course;
- travel costs of 90 %;
- pocket money;
- on-arrival training and mid-term training;
- an open-minded, nice and motivated team.
We are looking forward to applications including motivation letter, CV and certificates via E-mail to
For questions please contact Mrs. Miriam Kettelhoit (Tel: 0049 5246-2973).

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