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City-World, World -City, EVS PROJECT
The project City-World, World -City envisages the participation of a young  participant from Turkey, in an initiative of youth mobility that will take place at the Centro de Artesanía de las Artes Escénicas in the city of Madrid, from 1st  dic. 2015 to 1st dicember  2016. The project can be realised thanks to the collaboration between the Spanish association RESIDUI TEATRO and the Turkish association GENCTUR.
  The project covers the areas of art and creativity, as tools for personal transformation, as well as social dialogue, as a foundation to assist the definition of a society in which human rights are respected.
The headquarters of the association Residui Theatre is located in the zone of Acacias, a shared territory where very different realities do not coexist. Residui Teatro follows the work line of art as a tool for social transformation, carrying out projects that use theatre as a tool for intervention and non-formal education working with groups being at risk of social exclusion or not.
  During the project, the volunteer will support the association as regards regular activities which are open to the community; she will develop a personal project which may be useful for her future in the field of volunteering/work; she will study the relationship between space organisation and the development of activities of non-formal education; she will realise playful/theatrical local activities and upload them on the network with other national and international experiences. The challenge of the project is the development of local cultural initiatives with an open look at a global vision and vice-versa.
  The volunteer will be supported by the professionals who constitute the permanent association group and a tutor. During the project, the volunteer will learn how to strengthen and develop skills that may be used in future experiences of volunteering or work. The project will be documented with videos and/or photographic material.
 Visibility will be given to the outcomes of the activities performed by the volunteer. The project will close by the consolidation of the existing network of collaboration and implementation of new cooperations at a local, national and international level. The project will have a local, national and international resonance.
During the project the volunteer will recive a fix ammount and a poket money per month, an individual  room in a appartment with others volunteers, all the expences of the his/her house are covered (light, water,, will recive money for  local transport ( if her/she need to take transport to come to the place of work) will recive theatral formation for free (4 hours a week).
We have rent an house for our volunteers, closed to our cultural center.
In our Cultural Center the volunteer will have the posibility to work in organizative part and to learn more about theatre and art-education. The volunteer will meet specialists of arts from all over the world.
The volunteer will know how a indipendent theatral organization can develop an artistic project.
The project is realized by  ERASMUS+ is necessary the volunteer know aboout it.
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