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Yayın tarihi : 03.02.2016

Son başvuru tarihi: 29.02.2016

En az B2 düzeyince İngilizce ve İtalyanca bilen ve bir gençlik kuruluşunda çalışmak isteyenler için güzel bir fırsat. SCI-Italy, GENÇTUR gibi uluslararası gönüllü çalışma kampları düzenleyen bir gönüllü kuruluştur. EVS gönüllüsü SCI-Italy’nin büro işlerinde görev alacaktır.

Başlangıç tarihi : 1 Kasım 2016

Süre : 1 yıl

Proje hakkında bilgi almak için : Kuruluşun duyurusunu altta görebilirsiniz.

Ev sahibi kuruluş SCI-Italy, 24.04.2016 son başvuru tarihinde İtalya Ulusal Ajansı’na başvuracak olduğundan gönüllüsünü en geç 30 Mart 2016’ya kadar seçmek istemektedir. UA’ın yanıtı en erken 15 Haziran 2016’da alınacaktır.

Bu projeye başvurmak isteyenler en geç 29.02.2016 ‘ya kadar  özgeçmiş, projeye yönelik yazılmış bir motivasyon mektubu ve GENÇTUR’dan alınmış Gönderen Kuruluş destek belgesini evs@sci-italia.it ‘e yollamaları gerekmektedir.


SCI-Italy is looking for 2 EVS volunteers!
Period: 1 November 2016 – 31 October 2017 (exact dates to be confirmed)

Number of volunteers: 2

Location: Rome, SCI Office

Project language: English and Italian

Local language: Italian

Pocket money: 300 euro (for food, transport expenses, pocket money)

Accommodation: Double room in a flat with other volunteers (www.lacittadellutopia.it)

Deadline for applications to be sent to the sending organization: 29th of February 2016

The selected volunteers will be notified by the end of March 2016.

SCI-Italy will follow its equal opportunities policy when selecting a volunteer.


The Service Civil International aims at developing solidarity and promoting tolerance between people, encouraging and supporting participation of youngsters in voluntary activities, both inside and outside the European Union.

For this reason, SCI organizes activities and campaigns for the promotion of peace, international solidarity and mutual understanding; besides workcamps and long term voluntary projects. Activities organized by SCI, both at the international and local level, are coordinated by the National Secretary of SCI, whose headquarter is located in Roma (via Cruto 43, Municipality Roma XV).  The area is well linked to the city center and to other areas through public transportation (metro and buses).

The National Secretary represents the reference point for SCI activities, but also for activists and volunteers who promote philosophy and projects of the Association.

Volunteers will develop their program mainly in the headquarter of SCI Italy, with the supervision and follow up of SCI Staff.

Objectives of the proposed EVS project:

- to involve European volunteers in the promotion of international voluntarism as a practice of active citizenship, intercultural education and personal and social growth;

- to spread news about the initiatives organized in Italy in order to promote the exchange and the intercultural respect, and to arouse interest in youngsters in actions which stimulate international solidarity;

- to give to volunteers the chance to actively participate in the implementation and development of a specific project, which constitutes an opportunity of individual growth;

- to strengthen, throughout team work and confrontation, the mutual comprehension between youngsters of different Countries.

 Volunteers will be involved in the following activities:
The two volunteers will be involved in the following activities, mainly at SCI-office:
a) activating and managing international volunteers who want to join short term projects in Italy along with the SCI staff;

b) to support the area “social inclusion” (different projects and youth exchanges)

c) to promote international volunteering through information;

d) to support the trainings of youngsters organized by SCI Italy;

e) to support the placement in the workcamps season;

f) to organize awareness-raising events on the theme of international voluntarism as a way of education to tolerance and inter-culture.

Who are we looking for:
Reliable, communicative and very motivated volunteers. It's very important that each volunteer is used to working in a team, that he/she is sociable, has a sense of humour, is flexible in different situations (e.g.: to propose/ invent some additional activities in a time when there won't be any other specific activities on the agenda and be prepared to give an extra hand in a period full of current activities.).

To apply we ask you to send:

-       your CV

-       motivation letter (explaining the reasons why you would like to be a volunteer in this project) Support

-       Letter of your sending organisation (GENÇTUR)

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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