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Yayın tarihi : 04.08.2016
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GENÇTUR gibi uluslararası gönüllü çalışma kampları düzenleyen Slovenya’daki ZAVOD Voluntariat kuruluşu kendi bürosunda çalışacak 2 EVS gönüllüsü aramaktadır.

Başlangıç tarihi : 1 Ocak 2017
Süre : 12 ay

Proje hakkında ayrıntılı bilgiyi aşağıda bulabilirsiniz.

Ev sahibi kuruluş 01.10.2016 son başvuru tarihinde Slovenya Ulusal Ajansı’na başvuracak olduğundan gönüllüsünü en geç 20 Ağustos  2016’ya kadar seçmek istemektedir.  UA’ın yanıtı en erken 15 Aralık 2016’da alınacaktır.

Bu projeye başvurmak isteyenler en geç 17.08.2016 ‘ya kadar  özgeçmiş,  projeye göre yazılmış motivasyon mektubu ve GENÇTUR’dan alınmış Gönderen Kuruluş destek belgesini  programi@zavod-voluntariat.si ‘ye yollamaları gerekmektedir.

TWO EVS volunteers

at Zavod Voluntariat
SCI Slovenia in Ljubljana

Zavod Voluntariat, part of world-wide international organization and peace movement Service Civil International (SCI), is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, established in 1991, aiming to promote social justice, sustainable development, international understanding and solidarity through voluntary service. Our main activities consist of organizing: (national and international) seminars and trainings, short-term voluntary projects (work camps, youth exchanges and initiatives) and long-term voluntary projects (Global Education Network of Young Europeans and European Voluntary Service).
Voluntariat is looking for two EVS volunteers, aged between 18 and 30, to bring international dimension into the organization and its projects and to help out in the office, with focus on continuing activities within our Club of Volunteers, started by previous international volunteers. The two volunteers will have different assignments, which is why we ask you to specify to which placement you are applying and to focus on this specific placement in your motivation letter. One volunteer will be in charge of the graphic design for Voluntariat and its projects, while the other volunteer will take on the role of the placement officer for SCI projects. Both volunteers will work together on our Club of Volunteers activities. The requirements for each of the placements are listed below.

The project will begin in January 2017

for both volunteers, and it will be
12 months long.
Send us your CV , motivation letter,  SO support letter, all in English. Your motivation letter should answer the following questions:

  1. Why did you choose Zavod Voluntariat and this particular project?
  2. What do you expect to learn and experience during your EVS?
  3. What can you bring into the work of Zavod Voluntariat?

As an EVS volunteer you will also develop your own personal project. If you already have an idea on what this project could be, please let us know in the motivation letter. Keep in mind this is not a requirement, but it can be an added value to your application.
The deadline for application is 17th August 2016 for both placements.

Please send your application to




A graphic designer is always needed and always busy at Voluntariat. Whether something needs to be changed on our webpage, a new flyer should be designed or our Facebook page needs a makeover, you will be our go to person. We would thus like you to:

  1. have some experience in graphic design;
  2. be creative and passionate about arts and design;
  3. have good communication skills in order to interpret our wishes;
  4. be flexible when working in a team;
  5. be adaptable in order to build on our organisation’s established image.

Knowledge and experience in working with WordPress will be considered as an added value to your application.



As a branch of SCI, Voluntariat coordinates workcamps in Slovenia and sends volunteers to workcamps abroad. We are currently looking for a person who would take over the position of the placement officer, dealing with both incoming and outgoing volunteers. We will provide you all the necessary support and you will be trained upon arrival. An ideal candidate for this position would:

  1. have good communication skills in English;
  2. be organized and methodical when dealing with volunteers;
  3. be a good team player, while also being comfortable working on their own;
  4. know how to solve problems in an effective way;
  5. be confident and willing to carry out trainings for volunteers, if necessary.

...will work together on the Club of Volunteers, which means they will:

  1. coordinate its activities;
  2. broaden our pool of volunteers and stay in contact with them;
  3. act as editors of our online blog;
  4. organize voluntary actions of social nature, promotional activities and events, intercultural evenings, video filming projects, exhibitions etc. for and with volunteers.
You will work in the Voluntariat-team for about 35 hours a week. Working hours of Voluntariat are from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, when the majority of the activities are carried out. Sometimes you will work in the evening and on weekends (due to realization of certain activities within Club of Volunteers or trainings, seminars and evaluation), these working hours will be compensated by some hours off during the week. Summer will be the busiest period.
As our new volunteers will be joining a young and international team, we expect from both of them to:

  1. be MOTIVATED to learn and share knowledge and skills;
  2. have good EDUCATIONAL and SOCIAL SKILLS, to be able to work with several target groups;
  3. have good command of ENGLISH;
  4. have good COMMUNICATION SKILLS and motivation to cooperate with colleagues and with active volunteers;
  5. have an OPEN MIND and FLEXIBLE ATTITUDE towards working hours, especially in busy periods;
  6. to have a RESPONSIBLE attitude and take INITIATIVE towards your tasks;
  7. be able to WORK in a TEAM;
  8. have good COMPUTER SKILLS (Microsoft Office, e mail, internet);
  10. be able TO LIVE INDEPENDENTLY and to fill in your own free time.
In exchange, Voluntariat will offer you:

  1. a WARM WELCOME and ORIENTATION DAY(s) after arriving to Ljubljana;
  2. a CHALLENGING and FULFILLING placement;
  3. lots of opportunities to JOIN Voluntariat ACTIVITIES and MEET NEW PEOPLE;
  4. nice colleagues and a lot of SUPPORT in your job;
  6. a MENTOR who will give you all the needed personal support; and
  7. the possibility to participate in NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL meetings and trainings.
  8. paid ACCOMMODATION in a shared house with your own room
  9. covered TRAVEL EXPENSES, INSURANCE and A BUDGET for food and pocket money




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