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Dear partner,

InCo is very glad to announce a new selection process for EVS volunteers. This time in our own city: Trento!!! (which allow us to be in a very close contact with the volunteers!). We have 4 placements open for "Civica di Trento", project which deals with elderly people. The project will be presented in the 1st June deadline to the Italian National Agency. Activities are foreseen to start on November 2011 and ends on August/September 2012.

You can read the information available regarding the host organization in the EVS database (but if you have doubts, please contact me!).

I count with your support to disseminate the opportunity! In case you have interested volunteers, please do a pre-selection and send me no more then 2 candidates, ok? It's important that the volunteers is willing to have interpersonal contact and have openess and patience with elderly people.
Previous knowledge of Italian is not mandatory, although it could support the integration. No special skills are required but initiative, willingness to get in touch with people and some creativeness would be quite useful!

Trento is a small city (100.000 inhabitants) but it's the capital of the region (Trentino). It's one of the cities with the higher life quality in Italy (but it's North Italy! we are in the middle of the mountains and not in Rome or Sicily ;-) It's not a bilingual city (as Bolzano, for example).

Time is short (as always), so please let me know about your candidates until maximum the 11th May. I'll need a CV and motivation letter (the most important thing!) in which the volunteer explains:
- why s/he would like to do a EVS
- why this project
- which are the difficulties s/he think s/he will face
- what s/he expect to learn
- how s/he think s/he could contribute with the project/HO

Thanks for your collaboration and till soon ,-)


Wenddi Porto Burger

InCo - Interculturalità & Comunicazione

tel./fax: (+39) 0461 523409

Via V. Veneto, 75
38122 - Trento, Italy

Office hours:
Tuesday and Thursday
9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00

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