25 Temmuz 2011 Pazartesi

İTALYA 200 - 08

Dear partner,

InCo is very glad to announce a new selection process for EVS volunteers. Please find all information about this selection process in the announcement in our website.

I count with your support to disseminate the opportunity! In case you have interested volunteers, please do a pre-selection and send me no more then 2 candidates, ok? It's important that the volunteers is willing to have interpersonal contact, please notice that both project has some particular conditions (it's important to take it into consideration to match properly the expectation and opportunities). Previous knowledge of Italian is not mandatory, although it could support the integration. No special skills are required but initiative, willingness to get in touch with people and some creativeness would be quite useful!

The activities are in Trento and Bolzano. Both cities are small (100.000 inhabitants) but are the capital of the region (Trentino and South-Tyrol). Both are the cities with the higher life quality in Italy (but it's North Italy! we are in the middle of the mountains and not in Rome or Sicily ;-)

Time is short (as always), so please let me know about your candidates until maximum the 7th August. I'll need a CV and motivation letter (the most important thing!) in which the volunteer explains:
- why s/he would like to do a EVS
- why this project
- which are the difficulties s/he think s/he will face
- what s/he expect to learn
- how s/he think s/he could contribute with the project/HO

Thanks for your collaboration and till soon ;-)


Wenddi Porto Burger

InCo - Interculturalità & Comunicazione

tel./fax: (+39) 0461 523409

Via V. Veneto, 75
38122 - Trento, Italy

Office hours:
Tuesday and Thursday
9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00

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  1. ben bunun için mail attım size ama niye kimse bir cevap vermiyor ki, anlamış değilim :S